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InterMountain DCC Assistance

NOTE: Loading complete ESU sound and non-sound files into a locomotive requires an ESU LokProgrammer. You'll also need the latest version of the LokProgrammer software available here: LokProgrammer Software.
While it is easier, a LokProgrammer is NOT required for making any CV changes in your LokSound decoder. Any NMRA compliant DCC system can be used to make CV changes.
Lighting information for 49807 Conrail GP10
Digitrax Zephyr or Zephyr Extra - Programming Long Address on the Mainline using OPS mode
DCC Extended Address Table
HO & N Scale Retail Decoder Information for InterMountain Locomotives
ESU Decoder Tips & Tricks
ESU LokSound Select Sound Decoder Documentation
ESU LokPilot Standard V1.0 Non-Sound Decoder Documentation
ESU LokPilot V4.0 Non-Sound Decoder Documentation
SoundTraxx Decoder Tips, Tricks, and other Useful Information
SoundTraxx Ditch Light Modification
OEM Sound Files & Mapping Tables
OEM Non-Sound Files & Mapping Tables
ESU 21-Pin DC Plug Installation - ESU Decoder Orientation - ESU 21-Pin DC Plug Orientation
F unit Lighting Information - LokSound Equipped Units
GP10 Locomotive Lighting Information - (Coming Soon!)
U18B Locomotive Lighting Information - (Coming Soon!)
SD40-2 Lighting Information - (Coming Soon!)
ES44AC/ES44DC Lighting Information - LokSound Equipped Units - (Coming Soon!)
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