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ECoSLink Terminal bus distribution plate, 6 slave jacks, with 0.9m cable

If your train layout is growing and you need additional ECoSBoost boosters and ECoSDetector feedback modules to connect to your ECoS command station, and you are running out of connectors, you should buy the ECoSlink Terminal.


The ECoSlink Terminal will be connected to the ECoS or central station® via the provided bus cable to the "extend" jack. It offers on the front panel two jacks for hand controllers (e.g. mobile station®) and at the back four sockets for devices mounted under the layout. These include mainly ECoSBoost booster and ECoSDetector feedback modules.

The ECoSlink Terminal can provide power to all attached devices either from the ECoS power supply, or for a section from an external power supply through the ECoSlink themselves. This is especially useful for larger systems with many hand controls, boosters and feedback modules.


If more than one ECoSlink Terminal is used, the terminals can be connected to each other with standard Ethernet patch cables with RJ45 connectors. These patch cables can be purchased in any computer store in any length.


Each ECoSlink Terminal is usually at the front panel of the layout installed: Only the front panel is visible. This reduces the cable clutter under the layout.


The ECoSlink Terminal can be used on ECoS and central station®. The CAN bus is only passively distributed together with the supply and booster cables and the termination is ensured. The function is transparent for the digital control unit. Since an interference in the communication of the bus does not take place, thus alone decide the control unit and the connected devices whether they will work together.