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LED lighting strip, PowerPack energy storage, 0.22F, double pack

Current pick-ups (50707) provide optimal electrical contact in all commercially available coaches and are easy to install: simply glue them to the underside of the truck so that the pre-tensioned contact strips touch the inside of the wheels (wheel flange). Since each set consists of two sprung contact strips one set per axle is enough. Suitable for any axle spacing. Suitable for HO DC, DCC and AC or N gauge. Set with 8 current pick-up contacts sufficient for 8 axles.

The new PowerPack super capacitor (50710) may be connected to the coach lighting modules with the part numbers 50700, 50702, 50708 and 50709 and reliably prevents any flicker in case of poor contact. Despite the fact that it is more compact than its predecessor it has twice the capacity (0.22F/5.5V).
br> Please note that the PowerPack 50710 is designed for use with the interior light strips only. It CAN NOT be used to buffer decoders!