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Adapter board 21MTC for 8 amplified outputs, with soldering pads and wires

Our new adapter board 3 for decoders with 21MTC interface is best suited for everyone intending to digitise a loco without interface but with many functions without having to carry out major soldering work. With its compact dimensions of 31.0mm x 15.5mm (1.22" x 0.61") it is almost the same size as the decoder and also equipped with an extra mounting lug that can be easily broken off if not required.

The board is equipped with amplifiers (about 250mA each) for the function outputs AUX3 through AUX6, which are only provided as logic outputs on all VHDM, NEM resp. NMRA compliant decoders. Thus the board offers the option of up to 8 outputs.

For easy handling and wiring the most important contacts are already equipped with 200mm (7.87") long wires.

Dimensions: Length 31.0mm x 15.5mm (1.22" x 0.61") (With mounting tabs: 36.0mm x 15.5mm)(1.42" x 0.61")