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PowerPack Mini energy buffer for LokPilot V4.0, LokSound V4.0, and LokSound Select Decoders. 1F/2.7V

ESU 54671 PowerPack Instruction Sheet(.pdf)
NOTE: Instruction sheet shows item #54670 however it is correct for use with #54671 which has replaced #54670.

The new ESU PowerPack Mini can be wired to all fourth generation ESU decoders. It reliably supplies energy to your locomotive when traversing dirty track or long turnout ladders.

With its energy storage (1 Farad capacity) the unit supplies power to all light and motor functions as well as to the sound module. Subject to the energy consumption of your model it may continue to move for up to three seconds.

The PowerPack Mini incorporates an integral charging circuit controlled by the decoder. Therefore it may be connected even during programming. In order to avoid an undue load on the booster in case there are several models in the same booster sector, the charging current is limited.

The buffer time can be reduced by means of a CV. This may be useful to assure the correct stopping position ahead of signals showing the “Stop” aspect (red signal).

Although it is considerably smaller than its predecessor, the space requirements of the PowerPack Mini of about 0.618" (15.7 mm) x 0.381" (9.7 mm) x 0.511" (13 mm) must be taken into account when installing this unit.

A three-pole wire harness connects the PowerPack Mini to the decoder. The wires are already soldered to the PowerPack Mini and must be soldered to the appropriate solder pads of the decoder.

Please note that the PowerPack cannot operate in analog DC mode due to technical reasons. Buffering is therefore not possible in analog mode.