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LokSound 5 L DCC Sound Decoder with Adapter Board
51mm x 25.5mm (2.007" x 1.003")

The LokSound 5 L finds its place in O Scale between the LokSound 5 and the LokSound 5 XL. With dimensions of just 51mm x 25.5mm, it is not only recommended for size O scale locomotives but also for all other models where a LokSound 5 XL does not fit or is required.

The LokSound 5 L offers a motor output current of 3A and up to 17 function outputs as well as the possibility to connect two RC servos. Its dual power amplifier can drive two speakers. Thanks to the now integrated PowerPack (2x 1F/2.7V), dirty rails are a thing of the past. The decoder is always supplied with pin headers and a matching adapter board.

The LokSound 5 L is always equipped with pin headers and is delivered from the factory with an adapter board that has solder termination points.

Because of different needs in the Global Market we have created two different versions of the LokSound V5 L, LokSound 5 L DCC and the Multi-Protocol LokSound 5 L.


The LokSound 5 L DCC is made for the North American and Australian markets. It is a pure DCC decoder, which supports RailComPlus® and can also be used on DC layouts.


The LokSound 5 L "speaks" DCC, Motorola®, Selectrix®, and MFX®/M4 digital language.


Like all family members, the LokSound 5 L is also a true multiprotocol decoder. It masters the data format DCC as well as Motorola®, Selectrix®, and M4. In the DCC format, 14 to 128 speed steps are as natural as 2- and 4-digit addresses and up to 32 functions. Thanks to RailComPlus®, the decoders log on fully automatically to a suitable, RailComPlus® supporting, digital central unit such as the ESU ECoS or ESU CabControl.

It masters all DCC programming modes and, thanks to RailComPlus® the CV values can be read out on the main track with suitable DCC systems. For DCC systems that can only program the CVs from 1-255, there are auxiliary CVs that allow for programming CV numbers above 255.

Motorola® users benefit from up to 28 speed steps with 255 addresses. Three additional Motorola® addresses enable the triggering of 16 functions. A built-in programming mode also makes reprogramming possible with the venerable Control Unit 6021. The M4 protocol allows automatic logon to MFX® compatible systems.

The LokSound 5 L decoder recognizes the Märklin® braking distances as well as ZIMO® HLU brake commands or the Lenz® ABC system. Braking with DCC brake modules or DC voltage is also possible. It also stops with a Selectrix® brake diode. An automatic ABC shuttle allows automatic commuting between two stations.

The LokSound 5 L decoder can also be used on analog DC and AC layouts.


The LokSound 5 L decoder can play up to 10 channels simultaneously. Each channel can be resolved with up to 16 bit / 31250 kHz and finally offers hi-fi quality on your layout. There is virtually no difference when compared to the original locomotive. A dual Class D audio power amplifier with up to two times 3W output powers the speakers, which may have between 4 ohms and 32 ohms impedance. The huge 128 Mbit sound storage provides enough capacity for multiple sounds.

All individual sounds can be individually adjusted in volume. The super flexible sound engine without rigid schedule allows the prototypical simulation of all imaginable locomotives. Three separately adjustable braking functions and two alternative load scenarios give you the maximum control over your locomotives.


Each LokSound 5 L decoder comes with 11 amplified outputs. In addition, there are 6 more logic level outputs available, which can also control (2 pieces) RC servos or SUSI expansion modules on request. 18 lighting effects are included. The brightness of each output can be set separately. The decoder handles the automatic on and off during uncoupling for ROCO®, Krois®, and Telex® couplings. 4 sensor inputs can trigger functions on request. In order to keep compatible with the thousands of LokSound Selects and LokSound V4 decoders already on the market we made sure to add many of the most popular features of that generation! This includes the Full Throttle features, including the famous Drive Hold!


The motor control of the LokSound 5 L has again been fundamentally improved. A variably adjustable PWM clock frequency of 10kHz to 50kHz ensures super quiet operation especially for coreless motors. The typical "humming" is a thing of the past. The load control can now be adapted to difficult cases with up to 10 CVs. The unique "Autotune" function allows the automatic calibration of the decoder to the motor.

The LokSound 5 L Decoder delivers enough juice with up to 3.0A motor current.