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LokSound Select 6-Function Sound Decoder with NMRA 8-pin Plug
(1.18" x 0.59")

LokSound Select Quick Start Guide(.pdf)

NOTE: Sound files for this decoder are in the 734XX group. Sound files in the 738XX group can also be used, the LokProgrammer will convert them for use with the 73400 decoder.

The LokSound Select is a versatile DCC & DC "Dual Mode" decoder integrating a full-featured, 8 channel sound system, six lighting outputs and a 1.1A motor controller.

LokSound Select, due to its unique thermal design, does not need any heat sinks. It also contains on board capacitance for smooth operation. For LokSound Select a comprehensive range of new high-power 4 Ohm speakers are offered.


The LokSound Select can be used on conventional "analog" layouts and controlled with a DC power pack, but to benefit from all its features, it is highly recommended that DCC operation be used. The LokSound Select follows all NMRA DCC standards and recommended practices. It can be used with 14, 28, or 128 speed steps, supports two digit (7 bit addresses) as well as "4-digit" addressing. Up to 29 function keys are supported. The LokSound Select can change between DC and DCC operation at any time "on the fly". Of course, the LokSound Select supports all DCC-programming modes including Programming on the Main Track ("POM"). Because of its unique low-power design, the LokSound Select can be programmed on the programming track of all popular DCC systems. No programming track boosters or other circuitry is needed. By the use of the LokProgrammer, programming can be even more comfortable by using your computer to adjust the many CVs and settings.


The LokSound Select comes with a 32MBit memory chip. The sounds stored therein have been recorded by ESU using the latest recording equipment and have been digitally re-mastered for the best audio possible. LokSound Select decoders offer the following unique features:

-Multiple whistle and horns: Each LokSound Select offers many whistles & horns. By just changing one CV, you can select your favorite one. This allows an easier adjustment to your model.
-Playable whistle: The LokSound Select supports a very fast responding whistle function. By just pressing your throttle's button, you can really blow the whistle like the real engineer.
-8 channel sound: The LokSound Select can playback up to 8 sounds at the same time. This will result in the most realistic experience available today.
-Synchronized brake squeal: The LokSound Select will synchronize the brake squeal sound with the real movement of the locomotive. No longer will stopped trains have the brake sound still on!
-Manual notching: The diesel speed steps can be either manually controlled by function keys or automatically based on the speed.
-Individual volume control: The volume of all sound effects can be adjusted individually.

Steam decoders can produce over 20 sound effects, including the bell, air pump, exhaust chuff, coupler, steam release, cylinder cocks, brake release, side rod clank, blower, injector, Fireman Fred and many more. Synchronizing the steam chuff rate by using two CVs only virtually eliminates the need for a cam, but a cam can of course be connected if desired. Diesel decoders can produce over 20 sound effects, including the engine start-up and shutdown, prime mover sounds through all eight notches, bell, air horn, air compressor, dynamic brakes, fans, brake squeals, coupling and uncoupling, detector sounds, rail clank, and many more.


Unlike other manufacturers, the LokSound Select offers you two options to customize your engine. The most simple is by using one CV. You can select the prime mover sound, the desired whistle or horn and the bell. Each LokSound Select offers various options on that. However, if you are still unsatisfied with the result, you may at any time use the famous LokProgrammer to download new sounds into the LokSound Select. Numerous "ready-made" sound packages are offered FREE for easy downloading via the ESU website.


ESU offers load compensation (using BEMF) since 1999. While other manufacturers seem only to focus on the sound options, the LokSound Select offers the 5th generation of motor control resulting in a smooth and precise locomotive operation. ESU believes that good motor control is mandatory for model trains. Even the best sound is worthless if the locomotive running is not smooth! Regardless if you are using coreless or conventional DC motors, the LokSound Select's unique auto-detection function can measure the characteristics and adjust the internal settings. There is no need to fiddle around with many CVs to adjust to the engine. Due to Dynamic Drive Control (DDC) you can limit the influence of the load control and operate really smoothly around the depot and over turnouts, while on the main, when going uphill the engine prototypically slows down.


Each LokSound Select includes 6 outputs with 0.25A current each that can be allocated individually to a light effect, which simulates the light patterns of many popular warning beacons. Besides D312 rotary beacon, strobe and alternating flashing, there is a firebox flicker, smart flicker, Mars light, Gyralight, Ditch lights (two types), Oscillating Headlights, Stratolight and many more. The Rule 17 dimmable headlight can be either controlled automatically or by function button. An LED brightness correction feature also allows using LEDs for lighting effects. This is an important feature since LEDs behave different than bulbs.


All function outputs and the motor connection are protected against overload and short-circuit.


LokSound Select decoders are firmware-updatable. This means, the internal decoder software can be replaced by new versions, if necessary. For this, you only need an ESU LokProgrammer and a PC.