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LokSound Select Micro 4-Function Sound Decoder with NMRA 8-pin Plug
(0.98" x 0.42" x 0.15")

LokSound Select Quick Start Guide(.pdf)

NOTE: Sound files for this decoder are in the 738XX group. Sound files in the 734XX group can also be used, the LokProgrammer will convert them for use with the 73800 decoder.

Need a smaller decoder? The 4 output function LokSound Select Micro decoder was designed with this purpose in mind.

The LokSound Select micro is a versatile DCC & DC "Dual Mode" decoder integrating a full featured, 8 channel sound system, and a .75A motor controller. With a size of only 0.98" x 0.42" it is the world's smallest LokSound decoder! It is also one of the only 4 function output Micro sound decoders on the market!

All other features of this decoder match item #73400.