Product Status Definitions

In order to more clearly communicate the status of each InterMountain product, we will identify the different states that the project is currently in.

The states and their definitions will be:

Taking Reservations: The project has been announced, and is available for Advance Reservations to be placed. If a reservation is placed within the first 90 days and the project is produced, the customer can be guaranteed their choice of road and number.

Confirmed for Production: The project has met the minimum required Advance Reservations and will be scheduled for production at some point in the future. Advance Reservations will still be accepted.

Needs Reservations: Projects that have been Taking Reservations for more than 90 days and have not met the required minimum reservations will be moved to this status, and the status box colored red. Advance Reservations are encouraged to help this project proceed.

Queued for Production: Purchase orders have been placed with the supplier. Advance Reservations will still be accepted.

In-Production: The production run has been scheduled and is in process. Advance Reservations may still be submitted. At this point quantities will be limited.

In-Transit: The product is being transported to InterMountain.

Shipping: The product has been received at the InterMountain facility in Colorado and is in the inspection/packing/shipping process

Pending Cancellation: The project has been identified for possible cancellation. If the minimum reservations are not received within 90 days, the product will be cancelled. Advance Reservations are encouraged to help save this project.

Cancelled: The project did not receive the required minimum reservations, and has been removed from consideration. The project may be reconsidered at some point in the future, at which time it will be re-announced and moved to the Taking Reservation status. A “Graveyard”section will be added to the website with a history of all cancelled projects.

Since manufacturing is a fluid process, we will not post anticipated delivery months on the website any longer. Instead we will indicate the current status of the project/product, which will be updated as new information is available.


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