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InterMountain Instructions Library - HO Scale

Below is a list of available instructions for HO scale products. 

Locomotive Insert - HO Cab Forward V4.1 (ESU LokSound)
HO Cab Forward Capacitor Removal Instructions - Green Box Label ONLY!
Locomotive Insert - HO ET44AC (Tier 4 GEVO) Locomotive - LokSound 5 Decoder - Current Release 2021
Locomotive Insert - HO ET44AC (Tier 4 GEVO) Locomotive - LokSound Select Decoder - 1st Release 2017
Locomotive Insert - HO GP10 Locomotive
Locomotive Insert - All LokSound HO F Units V2.3
Locomotive Insert - HO LokSound ES44AC/DC (GEVO) V2.6
Locomotive Insert - HO SoundTraxx ES44AC/DC (GEVO) V1.2
Locomotive Insert - HO LokSound SD40-2(W) V2.5
Locomotive Insert - HO U18B V2.1
Locomotive Insert - U18B Horn Mounting V1.0
HO Scale 21-pin DC Plug Install Instructions for ESU non-sound equipped locomotives
HO Scale DC Wiring Harness Install Instructions for SoundTraxx non-sound equipped locomotives
HO F7A Kit Instructions
HO F3A/F7A/FP7A/FP9A Passenger Pilot Assembly Instructions
HO FT A/B Drawbar Assembly Instructions
HO 1937 AAR 40' Boxcar
HO 10'6 Modified AAR 40' Boxcar
HO 12 Panel 40' Boxcar
HO GN Plywood Panel Boxcar - Kit
HO PS-1 40 Foot Boxcar - Kit
HO Milwaukee Boxcar-R Instructions - Kit
HO 50' PS-1 Single Door Boxcar Instructions - Kit
HO 50' PS-1 Double Door Boxcar Instructions - Kit
HO 60' PS-1 Single Door Boxcar Instructions - Kit
HO ACF Type 27 Riveted 10K or 8K Gallon Tank Car Instructions - Kit (41299 & 41399)
HO ARA 70 Ton Flat Car - Kit
HO 60' Wood Deck Flat Car
HO Cylindrical 4-Bay Covered Hopper - Kit
HO 1958 Cu Ft Hopper Instructions - Kit
HO ACF Centerflow 2-Bay Hopper Instructions - Kit
HO 4650 Cu. Ft. Centerflow 3-Bay Hopper Instructions - Kit
HO 4750 Cubic Foot Rib-Sided 3-Bay Covered Hopper - Kit V1
HO 4750 Cubic Foot Rib-Sided 3-Bay Covered Hopper - Kit V2
HO Alternate Standard 2-Bay Open Hopper Instructions - Kit
HO ART Reefer Car - Kit
HO FGE Wood Refrigerator - Kit
HO PFE R-40-10 Refrigerator Car
HO PFE R-40-23 Refrigerator Car Kit
HO PFE R-40-25 Refrigerator Car Kit
HO R-70-20 Refrigerator Car Instructions - Kit
HO Santa Fe Refrigerator Car Kit
HO USRA Composite Gondola - Kit
HO ATSF Caswell Gondola Kit Instructions
HO ATSF Early Steel Caboose Kit Instructions
HO CCS 1300 Bay Window SP Caboose - Kit
HO CCS Caboose Grab Iron Positions
HO Auto Rack Door Instructions V1.0
HO Maxi IV Coupler Box Conversion
HO AT&SF Series SK-Q through SK-U Stock Car
HO Milk Car - Kit
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