July 2015 Product Announcements

Reservations Due by August 31, 2015

InterMountain products are produced per-reservation. We highly encourage you to place a reservation with your favorite hobby dealer for any InterMountain item(s) you may have interest in purchasing. Items with low reservations may be canceled.

HO Scale
Famous Image Collector Series
U18B Locomotives
HO & N Scale
R-70-20 Refrigerator Cars
HO Scale
Pressure Flow
Covered Hoppers 
Maine Central Pan Am SPSF Kodachrome Chessie System Burlington Northern Rio Grande Delaware & Hudson Western Pacific Great Northern Undecorated Kit
PFE UPFE SOO Line SPFE BNFE Undecorated Kit
Canadian National British Columbia Railway Halliburton Stelco Mountain Minerals Procor Alaska RR Repaint LaFarge Cement Undecorated Kit
HO Scale
Undecorated Kits
N Scale Trainworx
Bull Hauler
N Scale
UPS® Trucks & Trailers
Undecorated Kits
Black & Silver Burgundy & Silver Green & Silver Red & Black Silver & Burgundy White & Blue
UPS® Trucks and Trailers