June 2017 Product Annoucements

Reservations Due by July 31, 2017
InterMountain products are produced per-reservation. We highly encourage you to place a reservation with your favorite hobby dealer for any InterMountain item(s) you may have interest in purchasing. Items with low reservations may be canceled.

HO & N Scale
Cylindrical Covered Hoppers
Trough Hatch 
HO & N Scale
4750 Cu. Ft. 3 Bay
Covered Hoppers
Red Canada Alberta Take a Break Canadian Wheat Board Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico Santa Fe ex-Koppel Undecorated Kit
Burlington Northern Illinois Central Gulf BNSF General Chemical FMC CSX Grain Train Klemme Co-op Garvey Elevators Union Pacific Undecorated Kits