October 2015 Product Announcements

Reservations Due by November 30, 2015

InterMountain products are produced per-reservation. We highly encourage you to place a reservation with your favorite hobby dealer for any InterMountain item(s) you may have interest in purchasing. Items with low reservations may be canceled.

HO Scale
10,000 Gallon Tank Cars
HO & N Scale
60′ Wood DeckĀ Flat Cars
HO Scale
R-70-20 Refrigerator Cars
Shippers Car Line Gulf United States Army Frontenac GATX Belcher Oil Semet-Solvay Shell Chemical Gulf Oil Tidewater Associated Oil Undecorated Kits
Kansas City Southern Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Southern Louisville & Nashville Missouri Kansas Texas Progressive Rail Trailer Train KCS de Mexico Undecorated Kits
BNSF Union Pacific SPFE Burlington Northern Milwaukee Road BNFE UPFE FGE Undecorated Kits
N Scale Trainworx
Flexi-Van Trailers
New York Central Penn Central