March 2015 Product Announcements

Reservations Due by April 30, 2015

InterMountain products are produced per-reservation. We highly encourage you to place a reservation with your favorite hobby dealer for any InterMountain item(s) you may have interest in purchasing. Items with low reservations may be canceled.

HO & N Scale
FGE Wood Refrigerators
HO Scale A-Line
40′ Rib Sided Containers
N Scale Trainworx
Quad Hoppers
Milwaukee Road FGE New York, New Haven & Hartford WFE Great Northern Ventilator Kahn's FGE Ice Service Car West India Fruit National Car Company Holscher Packing Company Undecorated Kit
APL Maersk Sealand Undecorated Kit
Great Northern Burlington Northern Indianapolis Power and Light Inland Steel
HO & N Scale Fox Valley Models
Hiawatha Loco and Cars
HO & N Scale Fox Valley Models
Hiawatha Passenger Cars
Z Scale Rokuhan
C11 Steam Locomotives
Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Locomotive and Passenger Cars
Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Passenger Cars
#178 3rd Version #325 MOKA Railway