January 2016 Product Announcements

Reservations Due by February 29, 2016
InterMountain products are produced per-reservation. We highly encourage you to place a reservation with your favorite hobby dealer for any InterMountain item(s) you may have interest in purchasing. Items with low reservations may be canceled.

HO Scale
GP16 Locomotives
HO Scale
40′ PS-1 Boxcars
N Scale
Trinity 3281
Covered Hoppers
Aberdeen, Carolina & Western South Carolina Public Railways Buckingham Branch Railroad Pioneer Railcorp Toledo Junction Railroad Burlington Junction Railway Santa Fe Southern South Central Florida Palmetto Railways Trimac Industries
Santa Fe MKT Norfolk Western Mississippi Central Railroad Port Huron & Detroit Central Railroad of New Jersey Ann Arbor Lake Superior & Ishpeming Frisco
CSXT Norfolk Southern Winchester & Western Cemex Chicago Rail Leasing General American Suntrust Leasing Iowa Chicago & Eastern Trinity Industries Leasing First Union Rail Undecorated Kit