June 2015 Newsletter


Now that the rains have ceased and the sun is shining it is time for summer show season. The next big stop is Sacramento on June 25th through June 27th for the National N Scale Convention. If you are in the area be sure to stop by our tables and say hello to Doug and Kirk and get all of the latest InterMountain news first hand.

Later in the summer we will be in Portland for the National Train Show at the site of the NMRA National Convention. Dates for that show are August 28-30. At that time we expect to have some welcome news about eminent projects. Some of those long-awaited premium products are anticipated to arrive later in the year and important updates will be available in Portland.


Another set of GEVO’s are available for advance reservation this month. This series of locomotives are ever changing in detail configurations, paint schemes for current users, and new owners. They will be a major factor in motive power for many years and are a must for any modern layout. InterMountain is committed to providing prototypical models that are highly and correctly detailed for the discerning modeler.


These Canadian developed hopper cars have been widely used for the transport of grains and other materials for many years. They are expected to continue in service for many more years and are seen all across the North American continent, not just in Canada. The many interesting paint schemes add a lot of color to a cross country grain train for those modeling this era. This month provides another opportunity to add road numbers for eight of the most popular of these decorative schemes to your existing consist of hopper cars.


Please check the InterMountain website under Complete Upcoming Product Releases for current cancellations. On some items, lack of interest reflected in low advance reservation quantities make it impossible to proceed with production. We will only cancel items after making a concerted effort to reach the minimum production level.