June 2014 Newsletter


We will be shipping fifteen different paint schemes on the HO 8,000 gallon tank car this month. Thirteen of them have never been produced before by InterMountain Railway Company. For most of these models we have produced an additional amount to try to fulfill the wishes of those of you that did not place reservations. The overrun is very limited however, so submit your “add-ons” as early as possible.


Shipping of the HO SD40-2 locomotives continues with four of the most popular paint schemes available this month. If you have any of the Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, CSX, or Union Pacific on reservation, confirm them early as they will be ready for shipment beginning the week of June 9th. The next group will be shipping in July.


The early production of the N scale FP7 and FP9 locomotives were originally offered without sound even though the frame for these locomotives was produced to accept sound boards and speakers. Recently, we have been installing MRC FP7/FP9 decoders on request in these early production models. If you have interest in sound installation or in purchasing the appropriate MRC FP7/FP9 decoder, please contact our service department. All future production of the N scale FP7/FP9 and F3/F7 locomotives will be offered with sound as an option, including the F7’s placed on Advance Reservation this month. This month’s release includes six paint schemes not offered before by InterMountain.


In just six short weeks some of us will be sharing the NMRA Convention experience together in Cleveland. A segment of our staff will be making the journey to visit with you in our booth at the National Train Show. Come by the booth to see samples of recent production, discuss upcoming projects including new tooling items, and to ask any question pertinent to InterMountain Railway Company that comes to mind. Also, try to make the InterMountain clinic at 8:00 p.m. on Friday evening where we will be discussing model train manufacturing with an emphasis on off-shore production in China. We will explain the difficulties in supply over the past few years and why that will change soon, with much more product coming available in the model railroad marketplace. We’ll see you there!